AUSTIN, TX, July 10th, 2019 – Local attorney Erin Martinson announced that she would be challenging the incumbent Travis District Attorney in the upcoming 2020 March Primary. Martinson, will face off against embattled incumbent Margaret Moore, and Jose Garza.

Martinson, speaking to a packed room of friends and supporters near her home in Hyde Park, explained why she was entering the race, “A little less than a year ago, I was asked to consider running for District Attorney by some local advocates and survivors who were deeply impacted by Travis county’s lack of prosecutorial leadership around sexual assault cases.” A lawyer, who has worked extensively with domestic violence and sexual assault victims over a career spanning almost 20 years, Martinson went on to explain that she wants to restore transparency to the office, seek justice for victims of violent crimes, and implement policies that focus on transformation rather than incarceration for those who commit crimes. Martinson recently stepped down as Managing Attorney of the Crime Victims program at Texas Legal Services Center (TLSC), a job she reflected on fondly before saying,” But the work here in Travis county has become a much bigger fight. I have finally reached the point of exhaustion and heartache about the issues that I am seeing in the District Attorney’s office and I’m ready to do something about it.”

Martinson is a graduate of the University of the Incarnate Word and of the University of Texas School of Law. She spent 13 years working as an Assistant Travis County Attorney where she developed the protective order division into a statewide model, before joining Texas Legal Services Center. Throughout her 20 year career in the Travis County criminal justice system, Martinson participated in local efforts such as the Travis County Family Violence Task Force and the Sexual Assault Response and Resources Team, task forces aimed at enhancing the local response to domestic violence and sexual assault.” Martinson is also an Adjunct Professor at the UT School of Law.


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